There are some who will shame men with a foot fetish. But for me, I see only the courage to be vulnerable when you share with me the gift of what you truly desire... and who you really are. Fetish is a doorway into the psyche - that we can [more...]
My signature offering is an immersive experience presented as a nouvelle sensuel “tasting menu” that combines a luxury sensual massage with a klixen appetizer, foot fetish play, nuru and PM play – an opulent experience ending with strawberries, raw coconut water and chocolate truffles to gratify all the senses. Some [more...]
Nov 09 2020

About Nuru

What is Nuru? It's a Japanese erotic massage technique in which one or more masseuses to rub our bodies against your body, in the nude and covered with an odorless and tasteless nuru massage gel, that is seaweed based. The word "nuru" is Japanese and means "slippery."During the massage, I [more...]
The term kinkybaku is a riff on the Japanese term kinbaku (緊縛), which translates to ”tight binding” and refers to the art of bondage. My signature approach is a form of edge play and sensual exploration that uses more intense pleasure tools and somatic techniques to enable heightened sensitivity and [more...]