Nov 09 2020

About Kinkybaku

The term kinkybaku is a riff on the Japanese term kinbaku (緊縛), which translates to ”tight binding” and refers to the art of bondage. My signature approach is a form of edge play and sensual exploration that uses more intense pleasure tools and somatic techniques to enable heightened sensitivity and elicit more intense climaxes. Think of it as kink meets klixen. It's somewhat similar to bondassage, but with a decidedly Asian flair, with greater focus on pleasure and less focus pain. This immersive experience includes the use of blindfolds, simple bondage, nipple play, light spanking, tease and denial during klixen, prostate massage, high end male vibrators, strap on play, and optionally very light electrostim CBT. These variations are seamlessly blended into a luxurious sensual massage experience.

Thus, I urge you not to think of me as a sadist. Instead, think of me as a sensual scientist experimenting on you to find new ways to increase the depth of your pleasure by adding a little kinky spice or tantric tease & deny into our FBSM session. I'll even wear glasses and a labcoat if that turns you on.

Trust me, I have never seen a man moan and groan as loud and helplessly as I have in a kinkybaku session. I can bring you past the point of abandon, to a place beyond control, to a deep sub space. Again, all of these kinky variations are pleasurable and not really that painful, so it's novice friendly!
If you're interested in tasting this rare and exhilarating experience, please let me know and I'll send you all the details.
Once booked, your first requirement is to write a short essay about your deepest desires, and what you'd like to do in our kinkybaku session. You need to be honest and reveal to me your most embarrassing fetishes! That's what makes it hot!
Mark Nelson: 2021-07-07 20:33:57
I've never had to put into words my desires such as this, which instantly makes me realize that there are parts of me that has pushed them deep down to not look at it fully. Just the task of writing them out here is a freeing exercise. My deepest physical desires, that go past physical and feels like it connects somehow to my core, have to do with exposure and penetration. Perhaps the main reason I seek out providers for massage is for exposure. I enjoy being exposed to them, without judgement. For me, in relationships and even for myself, I always have a voice in my head that tells me something physically I need to work on. But for whatever reason, when I'm paying for a service and bare all before a provider, those voices completely disappear. It's such a scintillating experience that sometimes you can literally see my heart beating in my chest, and my fingers will shake. The rush is absolute. Then, once fully exposed, my brain is filled with one thought penetration. As a heterosexual, I have never found a relationship (yet) where a woman appreciates my desire to have anal play. The most that I've experienced in a relationship is light touching. That's incredibly unfortunate though, because I have such intense sensory feelings in that area. With providers, there have been a few times where they've agreed to play with me more there, and the experience was such a release. Yet, there's always been a slight reservation, and not a full commitment to the experience. I can't say what I fully want, because I haven't had the experiences yet to know. But I can say, the deep down I know I want to experience penetration, whether with a finger, toy, or strap on. And in that, emotionally I believe I want to feel some level of dominance from a woman. I don't have an attraction to complete BDSM, but there's I for sure have a solid fantasy about a woman penetrating me and connecting with me. It's as if in that moment, I'm fully accepted. The next level of that deep desire would be to have that experience with two woman, but then I'm just getting greedy. Ha! Another desire has always been to have anal sex with a woman. I've never had that experience either, mainly b/c the women I've dated haven't had the desire. But if I ever found a woman that shared the same desire as me, it would be a dream come true. The only other deep deep desire I have is to be a watcher. I have an incredible desire to watch a couple be intimate and have sex. I've never actually thought I would participate, but I've known that may be part of it. Instead, the main part of the desire is to watch ecstasy unfold before me. There's such a disconnect with porn, and watching it in front of would be incredible to connect to that moment in a different way.